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VESTA® - the Virtual Electronic Service Tracking Assistant - is an award-winning software product used by social service agencies across Cincinnati and Hamilton County to track and manage their service and housing programs.  Built using a metadata model, the software is customizable for each agency and program, allowing flexibility in data collection and robust reporting.  VESTA is used as a tool to track and evaluate client services, case management, referrals, financial support, and other information that helps agencies and community leaders evaluate the effectiveness of services they provide.
  • For Homeless Clients - VESTA eliminates redundant intake and screening, coordinates case management, and provides strategic referrals.
  • For Service Providers - VESTA monitors service utilization and program outcomes, coordinates services across multiple programs, and simplifies demographics, service counts and reporting.
  • For the Community - VESTA data reveals high demand service areas and service gaps, clarifies local understanding about homelessness, informs decision makers and public policy.

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Entering data

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Entering data Running a report
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